Project Management/Design Lead

Mughals Construction Pakistan (pvt)

Furniture design for one-hundred and forty rooms for new wing and revamp of Serena Hotel Peshawer, recently aquired from Marriott. Close collaboration for interiors with Archop Associates, firm in charge of architectural design.

Created design outlook for pieces of furniture and artwork per room. Colloborated with local galleries to buy from under-represented artists. Aquired nearly 300 works of art.

Managed four woodshops and forty employees in manufacturing, polishing, upholstering and timely delivery of a total of eight hundred and forty pieces of furniture.
Coordinated production and delivery of upholstery from cloth manufacturers, Casabella, to workers.

Minky & Associates, Pakistan

Researched sustainable local materials and created strategy to incorporate said materials as design elements in three under-construction office buildings.
Researched sustainable electricity-free methods to cool buildings and created plans with engineering department.


Stadium Shops corp, New York

Designed and organized wide range of merch for fortune 500 companies under subsidery of Stadium called Swagmagic, including Microsoft, Spotify and Amazon.
Designed system for other designer to easily follow.
Worked closely with Swagmagic co-founder, Zaeem Shahid to build customizable snack service.

Interwood Ltd - Furniture Designer, Pakistan

Led redesign team for new and highest earning luxury furniture collection to be launched in 2025.
Material and design experimentation using 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machinery for designs to be low cost but highly servicable.

Evaluated and reported suggested changes in door building management system, focus on reducing costs and production times
by reassessing design and material elements.
Planned and Executed software changes of CNC, laser cutting machinery to more verstaile and effecient programs such as RhinoCAM.
Aquired and set up first-ever 3d printing technology for Interwood Mobel.


Salone del Satellite 2023, Milan

Invited to Salone del Satellite, Milan for Milan Design Week 2023, susidery of Salone del Mobile, largest and most exclusive platform for emerging designers around the world.
First Pakistani designer to be invited.
Founded object design and research business under
name rsk.
Launched first collection at Milan Design Week 2023

randr research Institute- Founder and Organizer

Launched randr Research Institute to concetrate on designed object research and design theory research with co-founder Rio Chen, based in the United States.
Created website, instagram, op-ed and podcast Currently designing and launching first designed objects collection.


Satellite Project - Founder

Online residency founded under randr Research Institute to lead international designers from conception to creation of research-oriented designed objects.
Launched two online exhibitions over two years with works from nine designers.


Markhor 3D

Experimented and produced 3d printing filament from plastic bottle for mass production and sale, an unexplored field in Pakistan (2023)

Kaizen Construction Ltd, Pakistan

Design Consultant and Research Associate. Design Strategy,
3D printing, research for sustainable building innovations,
local material exploration - ongoing

Workshop lead for ‘Climate Crisis in Pakistan-
designing for damage prevention’ 

Held at Beconhouse National University, Lahore (2022)

Jusitce Fazal Karim

Editor and Research Assistant for Justice (Retd.) Fazal Karim
Edited ‘Change is the Only Constant’, a book written for the
layperson to understand the intricacies of law.
Designed book cover ‘Change is the Only Constant.’

ISBN: 9698372477 (2018-2019)


Sullivan Fabrication Studio, Chicago

Woodshop management, CNC machining, 3d Printing, mold making.
Led installation of covid guards across organization. (2019-2021)

Dana Majors Art Studio, Chicago

Business Administratio and Luminere Fabrication. (2021)

Italian Design Day

Selected from AIADO for external project between IIT institute of
Design and SAIC, organized by the Italian Culture Institute.

Led by Designers Gianni Venneziano and Luciana Di Virgilio,
co-founders of Veneziano+Team and the Italian Embassy in the United States. (2020)

Aga Khan Cultural Services 

Helped create normanclature for hundreds of mosaics at Unesco
Heritage Picture Wall in Lahore Fort.
Conservation of broken mosaics, laser scanning of hidden architectural structures (2017)


Prototyping for Furniture, SAIC

Teaching Asssistant
Worked with furniture designer and professor
Seth Kellar (2020)

Master of Designed Objects Intensive Program

Teaching Assistant
Worked with Designers Eric Hotchkiss,
Gene Munger, Luid Rodriguez for inital training of incoming class (2020)

Design@Homan Square

Teaching Assitant
Worked with Designer Eric Hotckiss for neighborhood (Homan Square + North Lawndale)
walkability program (2019-2020)

Regional South Asian Humanities Conference, LUMS

Research Assistant
Worked with Dr. Sameen Mohsin to organize thirteenth humanities and social sciences conference “Mapping Emerging Scholarship on South Asia” Critical Interventions (2018)


Satelitle Project 2023 - Online Curation

Salone del Satellite, Milan 2023 - first collection ︎︎︎

Satellite Project 2022 - Exhibition curated by Rio Chen

Terrain Biennial, Chicago 2021 - Curated by Cortney Lederer

Graduate Exhibtion, Chicago 2021 - SAIC Galleries

Wabash Incubator at LeRoy Neiman Center 2021 - Solo

SITE Gallery Director’s Show, Chicago 2021

Faiz Ahmed Faiz Gallery, Lahore 2020

Seoul Nation University, Seoul 2017 - End of year Exhibtion

UNESCO Rediscovering Harappa Exhibition, Lahore 2017


School of the Art Instititue of Chicago (SAIC

  Masters of Design in Designed Objects (2021)

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

Bachelors of Arts in Political Science (2018)

Seoul National University (SNU)

Exchange (2017)


Laguage Proficiency
Advanced English, Urdu and Punjabi

Rhino, RhinoCAM, Blender, Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator, Microsfot office/
3d printers, CNC machines, laser cutters, wood
working tools

Other Interests:
Woodworking, tennis, badminton, advanced