In the light of the city

It is fading light of the sun that affects us the most, nearly all dystopian scenarios have a muted sun that can no longer sustain healthy life on earth. Many religious interpretations and scientific futures talk about the light of the sun fading out as an indication of the end.  

This project was a collaboration with Rio Chen, based in New York. His interest in the Paris agreement of COP21, signed on 2015 and my interest in the record breaking levels of smog in the city of Lahore, Pakistan led to the creation of a functioning receipt dispenser which had the entire Paris agreement written out on it. The project was interactive and encouraged the viewer to sign the reciept to reflect their individual acquiscence to the earthg-saving document drawn up by our elected leaders. The catch was that it was to be read through and  signed in the light of Lahore, a bulb obsured by 7 packs of exhaled smoke, as that is the equivalent of air that the people of Lahore are breathing everyday. So you have to struggle to see what you are signing away.

The irony is that Pakistan has contributed to less than one percent of green house gas emissions but is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change disasters in the world.